St Johns Cathedral, Norwich

St Johns Cathedral, Norwich

Application: Churches & Historical Buildings

St John’s Cathedral, located in the heart of Norwich, is England’s second largest catholic cathedral and has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. Moving with the times, the grade I listed building, which was built by the 15th Duke of Norfolk Henry Fitzalan-Howard, is the first cathedral to step into the 21st century with the installation of a customized new heating system.

Jaga’s Built-in Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology was installed to replace the dated and costly part-electric, part-gas heating providing low-level warmth throughout. Churches face an ongoing difficulty with heating systems, as any heat provided rises to the top of the high vaulted ceiling, leaving a lower temperature below.

Reverend Deacon Pat Limacher, from St John’s Cathedral, required a heating system which could maintain a comfortable temperature for parishioners and church visitors. Jaga worked with engineering specialists, E-Tech, to create an effective solution which involved fitting the system into the raised pew areas and diverting the heat to produce a warm air from the side of the platforms.

With more than 30 of the 2.4-metre Built-in DBE units installed throughout the cathedral, the new heating system is able to run efficiently without causing any disruption during church services. The control system monitors the fans which will turn on once there is a requirement for heating.

Reverend Deacon Pat Limacher said: “I am extremely pleased with the new system. We can now run the heating seven days a week rather than just two days a week all for the same cost. “I initially planned to turn the system on two hours before services began and switch them off when people started to arrive. However, the output is so high on the boost setting that they only need to go on a few minutes before the congregation arrives and as the fans are so quiet I’m able to keep them running at comfort level throughout services.”

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