Silver Springs Primary Academy

Silver Springs Primary Academy

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Tameside’s first primary academy, Silver Springs in Stalybridge, Cheshire, recently underwent a total rebuild. Energy efficiency was a key priority for the project and it was important that the right heating and ventilation system was installed.

Jaga UK was tasked with creating a solution that could provide both heating and ventilation to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) and preventing the hot and stuffy feeling generated by the build-up of CO.


As one of four schools making up the North West Primary School Building Program, Silver Springs is a new 2,200 metre squared two storey building. The multi-million pound construction replaced old school buildings, opening its doors to pupils in 2016.

The key factor in the design and build of the new school was that it was formed from a modular offsite construction. This meant that project start to completion time could be cut by approximately half and disruption to students, staff, and the local community in this easterly suburb of Manchester was also minimised.

Offsite, modular construction can also be a highly sustainable method of building that can achieve high standards of energy efficiency resulting in lower energy bills. Jaga UK products can easily be integrated into these types of builds. These were  priorities not just for Silver Springs but for schools and colleges nationwide.

Silver Springs required a HVAC system which could deliver improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for students and staff by preventing the build-up of CO₂. Research has showed that too much CO₂ in the classroom’s air affects pupil performance, lowers attainment and can also lead to complaints such as headaches, drowsiness and a marked lack of concentration.

Jaga’s Oxygen mechanical ventilation system was the perfect solution. It works by monitoring and measuring temperature and CO₂ levels in Silver Springs’ six downstairs classrooms, automatically drawing fresh, clean air in when required to maintain the optimum IAQ.

The ventilation system prevents issues such as over-heating in the summer, which is an increasing problem, and ingress of noise and pollution from the busy road outside, which can occur through natural forms of ventilation such as the opening of windows.

The Oxygen refresh units work with Jaga’s Guardian Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators featuring two Guardian LST radiators per room. Jaga UK’s award-winning Low-H2O technology – providing low mass, low water content radiators that use just a tenth of the water required by standard steel panel radiators makes them highly efficient and cost effective.  

In the same way that modular construction accelerated and simplified the rebuilding of Silver Springs, the Jaga Guardian LST has been designed with schools in mind to be the UK’s fastest and easiest LST radiator to install. And the energy efficiency savings fit with the school’s ambition to minimise its carbon footprint and energy costs.

Another benefit of the Guardian LST radiators is that they are robust enough to comfortably cope with the knocks and bangs that they are likely to experience in a busy classroom environment.  Their rounded corners also mitigate pupil injury in the event of accidental bumps.

Jaga UK offered extensive on-site support throughout the project build which included technical consultants spending two sessions on site with the plumbers and electricians to identify, and iron out, any potential installation issues.


Tony Powell, Chair of Governors at Sliver Springs said,  “The new building is a state-of-the-art school. We’ve got a building that is inspiring and motivates young people to want to come to school and learn.”

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