Shrewsbury Lodge School

Shrewsbury Lodge School

Application: Schools & Universities

Shrewsbury Lodge School’s newly-built extension has been installed with Jaga’s Oxygen system, which provides fresh air, as well as heating, to the classrooms in order to improve the air quality by reducing the CO₂ levels.

With each classroom holding up to 17 children, the school required a heating system which could provide fresh, clean air to the room to prevent the hot and uncomfortable feeling generated from the build up of CO₂. Jaga’s Oxygen technology features four mechanisms, which combine to create a controlled cycle of clean air and the Oxygen refresh decentralised supply units – built into Jaga’s Low-H₂O radiators – bring in the outside air before filtering it.

The Oxygen master control regulates the balanced intake and exhaust of air, based on the CO₂ concentration measurements, which allows the Oxygen exhaust unit to send stale air outside. This technology can help to increase concentration and reduce lethargic feelings, which is important for crowded rooms – especially learning environments such as classrooms where concentration levels are key.

Jaga’s Oxygen technology is a flexible system, which is able to interface perfectly not only with Jaga products but also with other products ensuring installation is as simple as possible. The Oxygen system in this case has been fitted to work with extract fans supplied by another manufacturer, as the school extension was built with a limited height restriction due to its residential location.

Simon Heffernan, Facilities Manager, at Shrewsbury Lodge School, said: “Another impressive mechanism within the Oxygen system is its ability to cool the rooms over night. The colder air, which is brought into the rooms throughout the night, cools the fabric of the building, meaning the rooms aren’t overheated and uncomfortable when I arrive first thing in the morning.”

The Oxygen technology was installed within Jaga’s Bespoke Maxi LST radiators, which feature a low surface temperature that remains cool to touch at all times – ensuring complete safety when fitted in rooms where children, or vulnerable people, will be present. Size was a main concern for the school, as the radiators needed to fit in and around the existing furniture – the Bespoke Maxi units were able to do this, while also providing a compact and discreet alternative to the traditional larger radiators.

Simon Heffernan said: “When we initially began looking for radiators, we were shocked at the size – our classrooms are 50 square metres of room and when you start adding heaters in, some of which were as big as our cupboards, we found they were too large. Our classrooms consist of reading, sand, water, IT and play areas, so these – on top of the corner sink, storage cupboards and tables and chairs – leave very little room for a large radiator.

“We discovered the Jaga Bespoke Maxi radiators when we visited another school and decided to select these for the extension as they met our brief perfectly – we liked the style and smaller design, which offered a less intrusive heating solution in comparison to others we had seen. The fact that these radiators could provide the same output as larger radiators was very impressive and the LST technology was an essential factor as we have nursery and reception groups in these classrooms so safe-to-touch radiators were a top priority.”

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