Shenley Wood

Shenley Wood

Application: Healthcare & Residential

Jaga’s Tempo LST radiators were recently selected to provide comfortable, energy-efficient, and, crucially, safe heating throughout Shenley Wood Village.

This brand new retirement village in Milton Keynes, provides affordable independent living senior citizens, and has been developed through a partnership between The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes Partnership, Departments of Health, and the Homes and Communities Agency. The first phase of the Village opened in Spring 2012, with 184 apartments, a library, IT room, coffee shop, bar, gym, beauty salon and hairdressers, woodwork and craft rooms, and even a greenhouse. 900 Tempo LST’s have been installed throughout the complex.

Due to its integrated Low-H2O technology, combined with effective safety features, the Tempo LST was the natural choice for this new development. The radiator ensures maximum comfort at all times, with a reaction speed three times faster than a standard radiator and responds to ambient temperature fluctuations faster, yet with minimised energy consumption.

The outer casing temperature of the Tempo LST radiator always remains cool to the touch, even at high flow temperatures, which greatly reduces the possibility of a resident burning themselves. By comparison, the surface of standard steel panel radiators can reach temperatures of 75 degrees. Such temperatures can cause partial thickness burns in one second, and full thickness burns in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, the Jaga radiators are ideal for installation in retirement developments like Shenley Wood Village, as well as care homes, nurseries and schools – anywhere that safety is of paramount importance.

The safety features of the Tempo LST conform with the NHS Estates Health Guidance note, without any loss to performance. Furthermore, Tempo LST outputs are certified to EN 442 for quality assurance. The Tempo LST has further safety features, including softly profiled corners, which reduce the chance of injury, should an elderly resident fall onto one of the units. Furthermore, all valves and connections are safely incorporated inside the radiator’s casing, and the optional ‘Pencil-Proof’ grille prevents fingers or objects from being inserted – ideal for when young grandchildren come to visit!

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