Renault Motor Showroom

Renault Motor Showroom

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

Jaga’s Mini Freestanding radiators have been installed at the Renault MG Rover showroom to provide an unobtrusive designer heating system that, while good-looking in itself, more importantly does nothing to obscure vision from outside to the gleaming cars in the showroom.

Ideal for use in buildings that feature curtain walling, structural glazing or other large glazed areas, the Mini Freestanding produces an effective curtain of warm air. The problem of unsightly build-up of condensation is therefore avoided and all areas of the showroom remain at a comfortable temperatur for staff and customers alike.

Another benefit of the Mini is the incorporation of Low-H20, or ‘low mass, low water content’ technology, which ensures a constant and controlled output as well as a heating reaction three times faster than traditional radiators. The slim and discreet Mini is available in heights of 8cm, 13cm, 23cm and 28cm and is available as free-standing or wall mounted models. Other heating solutions for windows and other glazed facades include the Mini Canal and the Clima Canal.

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