Regional Blood Centre

Regional Blood Centre

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

Completed in 2013, the Blood Centre in Raciborz is an award-winning building, designed to call attention to blood donation. Following a vivid colour scheme running from the exterior red glazed panels to the interior floor and walls, the entire project follows this theme of blood.

To complement the cutting-edge design of the building, Jaga’s discreet slim-line Strada radiators have been custom lacquered in the same red finish that runs throughout the centre. With a smart aluminium grille and flat front panel, they offer a stylish way to control changes in temperature.

Jaga’s Mini Wall was also chosen for this project. Weighing just one-tenth of a traditional steel panel radiator and containing only 10% of the water, it is a highly efficient system.

Twin-powered for more effective compensation of cold air flow, the super conductive radiators are installed with Jaga’s Low-H₂O technology and thus provide maximum heat emission with the lowest possible energy consumption. This energy saving heating solution is complemented by a safe surface temperature, which results from the DBE model that allows it to operate at super low water temperatures.