Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Application: Private & Public Buildings

Home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, the Oslo Opera House is part of ECO-Culture, an EU project which aims to demonstrate energy efficient technologies in high-performing, cultural and green buildings. It focuses on designing systems within buildings that minimise energy consumption for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.

The Opera House has chosen the Jaga Mini Canal heating system which provides the building with a comfortable climate with minimum energy consumption. Using Low-H₂O technology ensures that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum and the heaters are able to react quickly to any changes in temperature.

The building is an award-winning, innovative design, and benefits from a fully balanced and controllable hydronic system. The Opera House won the culture award at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona and the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture.

The installation of the super conductive Jaga heaters provides the space with a modern heating solution in keeping with its green philosophy. They ensure high performance while maintaining low energy consumption.

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