Network Rail Westwood Development Centre

Network Rail Westwood Development Centre

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The Network Rail Westwood Development Centre is a first-class training facility for developing the leadership and management skills of Network Rail employees. The facility prides itself on being a centre of excellence, and as such, the indoor environment has to provide equally excellent levels of comfort to ensure its trainees are on-track towards achieving professional development.

The complex was bought by Network Rail in 2005 having been originally built in 1993. Its buildings are comprised of a café restaurant, 40 conference rooms of varying sizes, and numerous reception and communal meeting spaces. Network Rail identified that the facility’s heating performance was in need of improvement and sought out an efficient solution and service that could accommodate their specific requirements.

David Hinchcliffe, Project Manager at Larewood – the M & E contractors for the project – explained the challenges that needed careful consideration: “The Network Rail Westwood campus had two existing problems that needed solutions. Firstly, the output of the old radiators was the highest that could fit into the trenches at the time of installation, but greater power was now required to provide a comfortable ambient temperature for the building’s occupants.

“The second problem was that whatever new heating solution was selected had to fit within existing alcoves and trenches. This was particularly challenging in the restaurant area, which features curved concrete trenches that simply could not be altered.”

A selection of Jaga’s Low-H2O, energy-efficient radiators and trench heaters were chosen and comfortably met the levels of heat output required by the facility. In total, 114 wall-mounted Strada radiators were selected to warm the reception spaces and conference rooms from pre-existing alcoves. Custom Mini Canal DBE trench heaters were built for the existing curved floor trenches in the restaurant and inside the perimeter of the building’s glass façade.

Because the building was in use throughout the refurbishment, Jaga helped to facilitate flexible delivery schedules in order to minimise disruption. A full site survey was carried out in preparation, and Jaga’s installer friendly, factory assembled products helped to speed up the process further still.

Hinchcliffe outlined these installer benefits further: “The radiators were three times as fast to install as the previous system, as well as being far lighter, so a single engineer could bring the materials into the workspace and fit the radiators unassisted. The new built-in automatic air vents also saved countless hours on bleeding, which had become a time-consuming issue beforehand.

“The final benefit was that the emitter could be installed separately, commissioned and balanced, and then fitted with the casing after all the refurbishment work was completed, which reduced the risk of damage that might be identified in snagging.”

Quick to install products combined with thorough support in the specification and planning stages meant that the heating at Network Rail Westwood Development Centre was refurbished in a timely and efficient manner. Because of the new heating system’s superior performance, visitors at the Centre are now able to develop their professional skills in perfectly regulated temperatures.

“Our experience using Jaga was a positive one.” concluded Hinchcliffe. “The numerous options give the flexibility to adapt to requirements on site. I will definitely be looking to use these products in future projects.”