Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The New Administration Centre (NAC) in Houthalen-Helchteren is one of the pillars in the rezoning of the former mine site. In this area the municipality endeavours a new cohabitation where living, working and leisure meet. In addition, the mine site has an innovative attraction with a full administrative centre according to a “Cleantech” approach.

Cleantech is a popular abbreviation of “clean technologies”. It is a generic name for goods, services and processes based on technologies that optimise the use of our natural resources and minimise our environmental impact.

Jaga Low-H₂O radiators fit perfectly in this picture. They use less energy and their moderate impact on the environment continues even after their working lives. The fact that a Jaga Low-H₂O radiator is lighter and smaller than traditional radiators at the same power, means not as much raw material is needed for production. Low-H₂O radiators have a longer life and can be completely recovered at the end of their life.

For the NAC building, 133 Quatro Canal trench heaters, 111 Mini Canal trench heaters and 41 Briza built-in units were installed throughout the facility.

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