Manchester Eco Home

Manchester Eco Home

Application: Private & Public Housing

An exciting two year experiment, the eco-home has been designed to educate visitors about climate change and ways to tackle fuel poverty by showcasing various energy-saving and sustainable features in all aspects of the building. The project, in Penzance Street, Miles Platting, Manchester combines two terraced properties from the 1900’s that have been re-developed and brought up to the standard of a modern new-built eco-home to the criteria of the Building Research Establishment.

Energy-efficiency, safe surface temperatures and fuel poverty concerns were instrumental in the selection of the Jaga Strada radiator. It was the ideal choicebecause its super-powered Low-H20 element offers ultra-fast and perfectly regulated heating, with a reaction speed three times faster than equivalent output steel panel radiators. This low mass, low water content unit does not store up excess energy like a steel panel radiator and therefore heat is only emitted when needed.

This fast and controlled response has been proven in testing at the Building Research Establishment to deliver at least 10% saving in fuel consumption, and also therefore in heating bills, across the heating season. This results in long-term savings on heating costs for tenants and actively fights fuel poverty.

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