Keynsham Civic Centre

Keynsham Civic Centre

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The Keynsham Civic Centre was built as the centre piece of a regeneration plan in the heart of the Somerset town. The complex is the new hub of the town centre, and within its confines are shops and restaurants, a public library and performance hall, and the Bath & North Somerset Council offices.

When first commissioned, building designers were tasked with creating a sustainable, low carbon space with contemporary, artistic aesthetics.

Jaga were consulted by Balfour Beatty, M&E contractors for the project, to recommend a sustainable solution that could effectively handle the challenging space within the Council office environment. Additionally, the public space that holds the library had its own heating requirements that required careful specification.

The Council office has several floors lined with glass façades that surround an atrium through the middle of the building. This meant that heat could not only escape through the glass, but that each floor would be impacted by the effect of the large atrium space.

To circumvent these challenges, Jaga recommended its responsive, highly-efficient Mini Canal trench heaters, which provide a barrier in front of the glass façades to prevent heat escaping. The radiators are also equipped with Jaga’s Low-H₂O technology, making them quick to respond to temperature change. This helped to tackle the problem of differing heating requirements on different floors, along with a continuous variation in the number of people within the building at any time. Not only that, the Low-H₂O technology makes the heaters exceptionally economical, saving up to 16% in energy consumption – comfortably meeting the building’s sustainability criteria.

The buildings’ unique heating and ventilation requirements meant that Keynsham Civic Centre needed a flexible, creative approach and bespoke products. Andy Williams, Technical Consultant at Jaga, explained,

“Two special trench units were specified to overcome ventilation challenges while still providing ample warmth. For one special trench unit, the base was cut out to allow for ventilation from the floor below, and a lengthened element was used to cover the opening and ensure that the air was tempered.”

“For the second unit, only the heater’s elements, feet, grille and frame were supplied. Specially fabricated frames and baffles were used to allow fresh air to be drawn in through the façade of the building and provide ventilation into the space.”

In the Civic Centre library, Jaga’s Low H₂O Mini Freestanding radiators were used to fit into pre-built alcoves, as well as in front of glass windows in the building’s private study rooms. The discreet radiators do not detract from the display items, and are a similarly powerful alternative to sub-floor trench heating.

By adapting the service offering to the challenging demands of the building, Jaga helped ensure that Keynsham Civic Centre’s occupants are comfortably warm or cool throughout the course of the year. 

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