De Brug

De Brug

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

“The Bridge” office building of Unilever Bestfoods Netherlands in Rotterdam is known nationwide for its distinctive architecture and prominent location on the Maas.

What many do not know is that the property is a prime example of the application of low temperature heating in conjunction with Low-H₂O radiators. Indeed, there is no wall or floor heating involved. Using only Jaga Low-H₂O radiators along with ceiling cooling, we have been able to create a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate.

In 2001, as part of the development of the building, it was stipulated that sustainability should be central to the project, both for heating and cooling. No easy task, because the steel structure with 18,000m² of office space, spread over four floors, has walls which are almost exclusively glass.

The solution was found in the Mini Freestanding, an application of Jaga’s Low-H₂O radiators, which absorbs the cold trap of the windows completely. The Mini from Jaga – a specialist in climate control solutions.

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