Couch Perry and Wilkes

Couch Perry and Wilkes

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

Couch Perry & Wilkes (CPW) was formed in 1978 and is one of the country’s largest mechanical and electrical building services engineering consultancy practices, with offices in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds and Cambridge. As part of the refurbishment of CPW’s reception area of their Birmingham office, as a leading M&E consultant, their natural choice was three types of Jaga heating solutions: Knockonwood Freestanding DBE, Strada and Geo Vertical. Both the Knockonwood DBE and Strada radiators feature highly advanced Low-H2O technology.

The powerful Low-H2O element combined with the intelligent DBE control offers powerful, regulated heating with a reaction time that is nine times faster than a standard radiator. By only emitting heat when necessary, both the Knockonwood DBE and Strada radiator reduces energy waste allowing for a 10% energy saving on heating bills. Plus, the lower flow temperature ensures the surface temperature of the radiator remains safe to touch at all times.

The Strada’s sleek and inconspicuous appearance gives the reception a clean, professional look, while the Geo vertical, made completely out of granulated natural stone, is a unique feature radiator, providing the space with an impressive statement piece. The Geo is available in a range of different stone colours, which combine perfectly with all natural materials. Knockonwood’s warm power radiates from its Low-H2O core, which ensures not only energy savings but also a comfortable warmth output.

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