Buttons and Bows Just Childcare

Buttons and Bows Just Childcare

Application: Schools & Universities

Buttons & Bows nursery was experiencing a number of problems associated with poor, inefficient heating. Because of our expertise in both new builds and retrofitting buildings with vulnerable people, they turned to us for the ideal retrofit solution.

Our renowned Low Surface Temperature (LST) casing was of vital importance in a building with vulnerable young children. Its rounded corners also mitigate child injury in the event of accidental bumps and scrapes. This feature, combined with the Low-H₂O technology offering high energy efficiency and sleek aesthetic of the Guardian LST range, is what resulted in the swift installation of 14 units in the nursery.

These Low-H₂O radiators are ideal for reacting to quick drops in temperature, reducing the demand on the boiler and delivering optimum comfort for the occupants. According to studies conducted by BRE, these radiators are also highly efficient, producing energy savings of around 15 per cent when compared to steel panel radiators.

Also providing a benefit for the contractor, the Jaga Guardian has been designed to be the UK’s fastest and easiest LST radiators to install, thus minimising disruption to the nursery.  With a one-piece casing, it makes the Guardian exceptionally easy to install.