Aylsham Police Station

Aylsham Police Station

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

In line with Part L of the Building Regulations, The Norfolk Police Authority has recently initiated a programme of modernisation and refurbishment of over 40 police buildings across the county including Aylsham Police Station. The new £755,000 “green” station, which replaces deteriorating old premises, now serves as an operational deployment base for local officers and will be used as the template for future similar police buildings across the Norfolk Constabulary estate.

At Aylsham, Ecowarm Solar Heating Solutions installed16 Jaga Strada DBE radiators powered by an air source (wind turbine) heat pump to provide a cost-effective yet environmentally sound heating system. The building is also fitted with solar panels to supply hot water, sun pipes, and a ‘living’ sedum roof. It has been widely understood by many in the construction and H&V industries that standard radiator units are incompatible with heat pumps preferring to use underfloor heating instead that can be costly to install (especially in existing buildings) and is always slow in responding to temperature changes.

Jaga’s Low-H2O and Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technologies have changed this perception by offering normal sized radiators that operate efficiently and offer excellent output even with the comparatively low flow temperatures generated by heat pumps. Jaga’s Low-H2O technology provides a low mass, low water content solution that achieves superior heating performance over standard radiators. The powerful Low-H2O element combined with the intelligent DBE control offers powerful, regulated heating with a reaction time that is nine times faster than a standard radiator. More precise control reduces overheating, and Low H2O has been proven to reduce energy consumption by 10% compared with standard steel panel radiators.

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