Associated Architects

Associated Architects

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

Located within Birmingham city centre, Associated Architects is one of the region’s most respected architectural practices. The firm, which occupies 7,000 square-feet of ground floor offices in the Mailbox Building, recently decided to overhaul its office heating and ventilation systems. Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating system was selected for the refurbishment as it offered the twin benefits of saving energy costs and being able to rapidly respond to changing ambient temperatures.

Both the floor-to-ceiling glazing and the need to preserve every inch of usable space meant that wall-mounted heaters were not practical. Jaga’s Mini Canal is a shallow trench heating system that is easy to install and maintain, and sits flush with the floor covering in front of the glazed facade. With its choice of grilles, the Mini Canal is suitable for almost any office design, and Associated Architects chose an aluminium grille for the interior, to complement the stone slab and ochre-coloured flooring.

The Mini Canal’s Low-H2O heat exchanger uses 90% less water than conventional steel panel radiators, allowing Associated Architects to benefit from lower energy bills and faster heating reaction times.

The Mini Canal trench unit has allowed Associated Architects to install an efficient heating system without significant disruption to staff or alterations to the office’s interior design – the perfect addition to an expansive, modern office space.

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