Ampersand Building

Ampersand Building

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The Ampersand building an architectural landmark situated in the heart of London’s thriving Soho district. As part of an ambitious redevelopment project to transform the building into a sustainable and sophisticated office complex, specifiers were challenged by a need to ensure the building’s heating system was aesthetically complementary to the modern design, whilst also being compliant with its ‘Very Good’ BREEAM target.

The building, which is now occupied by a leading interactive entertainment company for mobile devices, is characterised by significant floor to ceiling heights of up to 3.26m across its four floors of Grade A office space – each of which encircle a grand atrium and spiral staircase that represents the building’s most striking design feature. This meant that the heating system chosen for the office spaces had to feature exceptional heat output performance in order to effectively warm such large spaces whilst using as little energy as possible.

As a means of fulfilling these requirements, the Jaga Mini Canal trench heater was chosen as the product best-suited to the building’s aesthetic, output performance and sustainability demands.  

The powerful trench heating system was installed along the perimeter of each floor, positioned parallel to the building’s large windows in order to combat energy-sapping heat loss through the façades. The versatility of the Mini Canal is such that it can be accommodated into floor trenches just 90mm deep, with lengths ranging from 700mm to 2700mm.

In order to help the Ampersand building reach its BREEAM targets, the Mini Canal is equipped with Jaga’s Low-H₂O heat emitter – which has been independently verified by KIWA as being the most economical radiator technology in the world. The Low-H₂O system means the heaters run with low water flow, which makes for considerable savings in the building’s energy and operating costs – up to 16% when compared to standard steel-panel radiators – and, of course, reducing carbon emissions significantly. Furthermore, because the emitters use considerably less water than a conventional radiator, the Mini Canal generates maximum heating performance whilst remaining highly responsive to temperature changes.

In the Ampersand building, where the high ceilings required significant heat output to maintain comfort levels, the Jaga Mini Canal can easily meet the temperature demands despite its small size and low energy usage.

“Ambitious architectural projects do not have to compensate on design in order to accommodate an effective heating option,” said David Taylor, the Jaga sales representative on the Ampersand building project. “The trench heating installed in the Ampersand building demonstrates this perfectly. The units are discreetly hidden away, quietly warming the room the required temperature whilst using minimal energy. What’s more, with the wide variety of grille options available, they can be stylishly incorporated into more-or-less any interior.”

The Ampersand building is just the latest example of how the perfect marriage of design and functionality within a heating system can be achieved.

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