Aller Media Building

Aller Media Building

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The magnificent Aller Media Building is prominently positioned on Copenhagen’s quayside. Surrounded by water on both sides, this modern, maritime-themed office complex resembles a great ship docked in the Danish capital’s harbour. Steep glass facades and the curvature of the building required a customised heating solution discreet enough not to detract from the building’s impressive 21st century design.

Jaga Mini Canal trench heaters were installed to run parallel with the glass facades and provide powerful heating for the building’s offices and large atrium. The tips of the building required especially made, acutely-angled mitred corners, which Jaga was able to produce as an alternative to its standard 90° and 135° angles.

Contained in floor trenches as shallow as 90mm, the Mini Canal avoids obstructing windows and is visible only by its grilles, which are available in over 25 styles including anodised aluminium, stainless steel and an array of wood finishes.

Complete with Jaga’s Low-H20 heat exchanger, the Mini Canal responds quickly to temperature change, saves energy costs and emits 10-15% less carbon dioxide than standard steel panel radiators.