Akasya Gol

Akasya Gol

Application: Healthcare & Residential

Akasya Göl is a residential project in Istanbul. An environment which imitates the ancient woods of Acibadem, it is replete with safe areas for pedestrians all ages, such as sporting facilities and playgrounds.

In the centre of Akasya Göl, a replica stream has been created at the original site of the once-existing stream, in order to obtain the nostalgic rich fauna and flora of the area.

Apart from the high-rise building, all residents have the possibility of green terraces. To increase energy efficiency, green roofs and solar panels have been used. Even the rain water is recycled for the garden irrigation.

In this environmentally friendly and sustainable project the Jaga Micro Canal was chosen for maximum warmth, minimal dimensions and minimal energy consumption. Its floor recessed element is only 6cm high and 13cm wide, with small but powerful Low-H₂O heat exchangers and quiet fans that are hardly bigger than the diameter of a radiator thermostat. This creates extremely high power and is thus the perfect solution for this project.