Brindley Lodge Retirement Village

Brindley Lodge Retirement Village

Application: Healthcare & Residential
Client: Churchill Retirement Living

Brindley Lodge is a retirement development comprising one and two bedroom apartments. Located five miles south-west of Manchester, the development is run by Churchill Retirement Living.


At Brindley Lodge all residents have independence, with the added security and peace of mind of living in a supportive community environment.  The apartments are highly desirable and offer truly comfortable living conditions that recognise the particular needs of the elderly.

An important part of creating a comfortable environment is the provision of an effective heating and ventilation system. As an innovator in implementing renewable technologies into its developments, Churchill sought an experienced partner to help install a system that harmonised with its commitment to providing a warm, safe and environmentally friendly residential space.

With heat pumps the heating source of choice for Brindley Lodge, managers needed a system that could maximise the efficiency of the building. When heat pumps are connected to Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators, together they have the capabilities to lower emissions and also lower running costs. 

Jaga’s wide range of Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) radiators perform at their best with low flow temperature systems, and Jaga’s vast experience and knowledge gained from implementing bespoke systems in similar scenarios made it the obvious choice.

After careful consideration, Jaga recommended the Strada DBE as the optimal solution. Its high output and responsiveness, safe to touch panelling and low carbon footprint makes it an ideal radiator for utilising the benefits of heat pump technology at residential developments.

Once both parties had established the solution, Jaga oversaw the installation of Strada DBE wall-mounted radiators throughout all the apartments, as well as in the Owners’ Lounge and Wellbeing Suite communal areas.

The Strada DBE incorporates Jaga’s Low-H₂O technology, with a super conductive and ultra-fast heat exchanger, for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission. The energy-efficiency of these radiators was a critical factor in their selection as affordable warmth is important because occupants pay their own power bills.

The unusually high output that the Strada is able to provide from discretely sized units is also vital as elderly people tend to need higher room temperatures to feel comfortable –  yet don’t want to be burdened with an oversized unit to reach that output requirement.

While the apartments are generously proportioned, the contemporary yet timeless, slim-line design further ensures that the Strada radiators do not overly intrude into the usable space. The fact that the low surface temperature radiators always remains at a safe temperature was another important consideration for specification in an environment with vulnerable residents.

In addition to product specification, installation and commissioning, Jaga sought to ensure that the HVAC system could be put to best-effect by its end-users, as well as those tasked with the day-to-day operation of the building.

A product induction was provided for managers, enabling them to assist any of the residents with the products. The residents themselves were then provided with Homeowner Operating Instructions to ensure they could make swift adjustments to the radiators and have their personal heating preferences fulfilled. 

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