Zero Carbon London

Zero Carbon London

The UK, along with 178 other countries signed up to the Paris Agreement in 2015 to attempt to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Taking an ambitious approach, the Mayor of London has committed to making London a zero carbon city by 2050.

The 1.5C Compatible Plan looks at the different scenarios London can take to reduce its emissions and to reach the zero carbon target.

Transport is a key area of focus, but so too is the energy consumed in homes and workplaces. With a changing and unpredictable climate, occupants will require thermal comfort throughout the year, so a revolution in the way we heat, cool and ventilate our buildings is required. There are three areas to consider, high electrification, decarbonised gas and decentralised energy, or maybe a mix of all.

It’s clear renewable energy will become the norm and highly likely that heat pumps will feature significantly. They take freely available energy either from the air or ground and transfer this energy to generate cooling much like a refrigerator, and when the cycle is reversed, they generate heat. This energy can be used to provide hot water for general usage and low temperature hot or chilled water for central heating and comfort cooling systems.

The choice of emitter is vitally important when, in the case of heat pumps, the water temperature is much lower than conventional systems. To heat a space at these low temperatures, using conventional steel panel radiators, means that the size of the radiator itself would have to be significantly larger than one typically selected for traditionally higher temperature systems. Jaga’s low water content radiators contain 90% less water than that of steel panel types. They are lighter, faster to respond and much more efficient. As a consequence, by selecting Jaga, the physical size of the radiator will be much smaller. Furthermore, if selecting Jaga’s unique dynamic boost effect (DBE), the radiators deliver up to three times the heat output of an equal size conventional radiator. Cooling and ventilation options are also available, for further information please visit

Jaga is currently designing a range of all-electric trench heaters and wall mounted heat emitters to provide further solutions to help support London’s zero carbon ambition.