Top Tips on Customer Service in HVAC

Top Tips on Customer Service in HVAC

Jaga’s own Nora Conlon was recently presented with the HVR Customer Service Person of the Year Award 2015.

For a business in the HVAC sector, a strong product is nothing without stronger customer relationships.

Below are just some of the points that we at Jaga consider vital to our company’s success in the heating industry. Not only does this approach help to achieve exceptional scores in customer feedback surveys, it helps us to develop many lasting relationships with our partners.

The personable approach

If you can get to know your customers and their requirements you’ll be able to form a much more sustainable relationship, ensure you are listening to and delivering exactly what they want, whilst developing a mutual trust.

Clear communication

The key to maintaining that trust is good clear communication throughout the entirety of a project – from design and procurement, to the installation and commissioning stages. That means having direct lines of contact, responding quickly to queries – be it over email or phone – and being available to assist at any stage.  

Project management & on-site support

It might be providing bespoke delivery schedules for all of or just part of the order; or marking up packaging and pallets with references to make it easier for the team on site – it makes a real difference to how a smooth project runs. Even before the order is placed, can you visit the project, provide on-site measurements and ongoing technical support?

Essentially, what can you do to make their lives easier?

Constantly learning

To constantly improve customer service, request feedback at the end of a project and discover whether there was anything else you could have done or done better.

Not everything goes exactly according to plan all of the time, but stepping up when things go wrong is the only way you can prevent it happening in the future – which will ultimately benefit all of your customers in the long run.

It starts from the top down

Supporting contractors and a team on site goes beyond what a customer services team can do. It has to be based on inter-company communications – from the factory floor through to the warehouse and technical team. This will ensure the customer remains informed throughout and won’t be left disappointed.

Customer service is about providing an experience that exceeds customer expectations. A professional yet personal service: polite, prompt, friendly, helpful, adaptable and organised.