Standing on principle – how our philosophy shapes our future

Standing on principle – how our philosophy shapes our future

As an award-winning manufacturer of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions, our products speak for themselves. But what makes us truly unique, is the philosophy and ethos that makes Jaga, Jaga.

Spanning more than five decades, our journey began back in 1962 with the founding of Jaga NV by brothers Jan Kriekels Snr and Gaston Kriekels. Since then, we’ve grown exponentially, with our product range and our technology constantly evolving and reaching new levels of sophistication.

In the 1990s, Jan Kriekels Jnr succeeded his father as company director, and set forth the core philosophy by which the company has operated ever since. Throughout that time, we have stayed true to five key values, using them as the guiding foundation by which we navigate our business – respect nature, awake the artist, dream a future, create emotion and build bridges. 

Jan’s vision for Jaga is simple; to manufacture and operate in a sustainable way and produce products that are not only environmentally friendly, but are also beautiful to live with.

In order to support this, Jan has led Jaga to work in partnership with a broad spectrum of like-minded people, striving to form one united voice with which to influence governments and policy-makers. This can be seen throughout the business, from delegates attending climate change conferences, active involvement with European standards committees, and R&D experimentation with new materials.

Today we’re bigger than ever, each year we produce more than 500,000 metres of wall-mounted and trench heating products, which feature our ground-breaking Low-H2O technology. But what is success without personality and value? At Jaga, we have both of these in abundance.

Our five key values help us to stay at the top of our industry and we live them every day, using them as a guide at every level of the business. Below is a quick look at each value, and what it means to us.  

Respect Nature

Now, more than ever, we all have a serious responsibility to respect our environment. Global warming remains a huge concern, and whilst solar and wind power is now cheaper than fossil fuel, natural resources are still being depleted at an unsustainable rate.

At Jaga, respecting nature is at the forefront of what we do, and who we are. To us, that not only means operating in the most sustainable and balanced means possible, but spreading our passion for the environment as far and wide as we can. In short, we don’t just create state-of-the-art products for the future, we work in a way that assures we have a future to look forward to. Inspiration is all around us, so why not make the most of it?

We use as little raw materials as we can, and by incorporating as many recyclable components as is feasible, Jaga upholds one of our most integral values – Respect Nature – at every available opportunity.

Awake the Artist

Art comes in many forms. Why have just a radiator when you can have a piece of art? We mix practicality with creativity, combining functionality with contemporary design. At Jaga, we strive to make products which demonstrate our inner artist, and allow our customers to awake the artist within themselves too.  

The energy, dedication and passion which we put into every single product shines through regardless of environment; whether that be schools, homes, healthcare or beyond. Our products make a difference, not only to the natural world, but to the end-users who interact with them on a daily basis.

Dream a future

As a company, we’ve always dreamed big, with our eyes firmly set on the future. And, whilst our future-facing philosophy keeps us ahead of the game commercially, its real value lies in the imaginative and pioneering spirit which it brings to our company culture, and the out-of-the-box thinking it inspires.

Our CEO Jan Kriekels epitomises this approach, and acts as the beating heart of Jaga. Jan’s personal mantra, ‘innovate or die’, perfectly encapsulates the essence of Jaga’s innovative soul, embodying the forward-thinking outlook which is the backbone of our success. By developing technologies and systems that are ever-more efficient, we can dream of a future which benefits the earth and its inhabitants – galvanizing our clients, and potentially the next generation, to share our vision.

Create emotion

What is life without emotion? Emotion is what makes us human – it is the driving force behind every great invention, artwork and philosophy. At Jaga, we bring the power of emotion into everything we do, building products with the passion, dynamism and enthusiasm for which we are renowned.

Our products have the creative capacity to change people’s moods, minds and experiences – elevating them above and beyond simple functionality. By creating unique and exciting designs, we pride ourselves on breaking down the barriers between utility and emotion.

Building bridges

We aim to build bridges wherever we go, connecting with like-minded socially-conscious people and organisations that are aligned with our values. This allows us to smash through the confines of traditional thinking and share our industry-leading products far and wide.

We combine cutting-edge engineering with a creative soul, and that is crucial to our success. The world should not be run by calculators (although we admit they can be pretty important), but by dreamers, and that is the keystone of our philosophy.

Since Jaga UK launched in the early nineties, we have acted as ambassadors for Jaga NV, upholding Jan’s values with every single decision we make. From using alternative fuel sources for office heating and lighting, to driving cars with low emissions, to promoting H2O technology, and seeking customers who share our passion for sustainable development, we live and breathe the Jaga philosophy.

This is not least because we genuinely believe our values are as relevant today as they have ever been. Our products provide the perfect partner for the alternative technologies of today, supporting Government climate change initiatives whilst making homes and businesses comfortable to live in.

For over 50 years, Jaga has been changing the way the industry looks at heating, cooling and ventilation, using closely held ethics to build a brand which breaks the mould. We work with no fear towards a collective goal, under one united philosophy, and that’s what makes Jaga, Jaga.