How to Specify Climate Control for Atria

How to Specify Climate Control for Atria

The challenge here is far removed from that of smaller spaces, such as individual offices or hotel rooms, as the height of a typical atrium and the footfall it receives is much greater. 

The key is to balance comprehensive climate design with optimal energy efficiency, without compromising on aesthetics – no mean feat. So, what are we looking for? A solution which stays out of sight, consumes only as much energy as necessary, and performs to a high level. 

Trench heating ticks all of these boxes. As it is hidden within the floor, it is removed from the sight-line of visitors, with the exception of a discreet grill, which can be selected to suit the atrium’s décor. Furthermore, a powerful, fast-responding trench heating system is best equipped to combat the rise of hot and fall of cold air, meeting thermal loads efficiently to provide consistent levels of comfort.

But how do these compare on energy efficiency? Atrium spaces – often lobbies or central hubs – are in near constant use, which means the need for thermal comfort is continuous. The stratification that occurs in these spaces, the differing temperature layers that occur from the rise of hot air, can be the single biggest waste of energy in a building.

Jaga’s trench solutions have been specifically designed to constantly warm and circulate cold air from outside, achieving temperature equalisation in any space. This means that the building’s heating is not over-delivering to compensate for rising heat, and therefore only using energy as necessary, whilst delivering ideal temperatures throughout the year.

Whether it’s keeping guests warm in winter or cool in summer, the right heating and cooling solution can make all the difference to an atrium. At Jaga UK, our technical design experts are able to consult on a project from the very outset, working with the specifier to find the best solution, no matter what the challenges.

Our experience in this area is far-reaching and diverse; from the listed Flaxman Gallery at University College London, to the Art & Design Academy at Liverpool John Moores University, to Birmingham Town Hall’s state-of-the-art concert venue. These spaces, which required careful climate design, represent a triumph over the many challenges of specifying for atria, and demonstrate the unique expertise Jaga UK is able to offer.