Vision & Values

Jaga is devoted to supplying great HVAC products through great people. We do this by designing and developing ecologically sustainable products that positively impact our planet and working tirelessly to create a positive environment for our employees, customers and partners.

Our ideal world is built around our five core values to guide and keep us focussed on sustainability, creativity and social responsibility. These are the principles we seek in developing our business, our people, products and partners.

Respect Nature
We respect our earth and endeavour to preserve it for the future.  To do this we must break through traditional ways of thinking by investing in and promoting the development of innovative products that consume less energy and fuel. We think about the environment in all of our decisions and the small steps we can take to have big collective impacts such as recycling all we can and reducing waste.
Awake the artist
Jaga’s design and innovative technology is not just about creating something that out-performs others, but elevates Jaga products from design objects to objects of art. We do this by using innovative materials and production techniques, aligning ourselves with those who share our passions and encouraging creativity. 
Dream a Future
Future vision is at the heart of all Jaga products. We fearlessly challenge traditional thinking and develop new technologies for better heating, cooling and ventilation systems for a cleaner climate and environment. We use our voice and utilise our collective intelligence to bring sensible and sustainable resources into production techniques, finding ever more ecological and sustainable paths to the future. We live, learn and embrace change, understanding that we must innovate or we die.
Create Emotion
Life is not just about products and material goods it is about passion, emotions and dynamism! Our products impact on people’s daily environments, so we have the ability to affect mood, action, and everyday experiences. We take individual responsibility for this by treating each other and our customers well and remaining honest, open minded and striving for excellence. We unite our collective passions and perspectives to live, create and discover together.
Building Bridges
We aim to create enduring connections across all facets of life  uniting economists with creative souls, materialism and spiritualism, products and customers. We unite forces through teamwork to build better products and a better world. We work together recognising and rewarding achievement in all its forms across our business.