Low Surface Temperature – Safe, strong and efficient

Low Surface Temperature – Safe, strong and efficient

The outer casing of Jaga LST radiators remain cool to touch, even at high flow temperatures. This makes them the safest choice for retirement communities, care homes, health authorities, government departments, nurseries, schools, leisure centres and public buildings. This efficient and cost technology keeps running and life cycle costs low. 

  • Low contact temperature, high performance

    The energy-efficient Low-H2O heat exchanger enclosed safely inside, prevents the outer casing surface temperature exceeding 43°C. By comparison, standard steel panel type radiators can reach surface temperatures of 75°C or higher.

  • Cost saving efficiency

    Efficient to run, quick to install and cost effective to maintain.

  • Sound construction, maximum security

    Designed to conform to NHS Estates specification guidance on casing design – they offer a number of safety features: an enclosed heat emitter; bottom grilles; concealed valves and pipework; chamfered corners; and simple locking devices to discourage tampering.

Low Surface Temperature - Safe, strong and efficient
  • Wide range, flexible options

    The UK’s widest range of sizes, styles and finishes in wall mounted, freestanding and continuous options. We can also split deliveries to accommodate installation schedules or onsite storage limitations and reduce damage to finished goods.

  • Easy installation, easy maintenance

    Specifically designed to ensure quick installation; easy cleaning and maintenance that does not disturb plumbing. Features include anti-bacterial coatings, detachable grilles and independently removable casing.

  • Quality, guaranteed

     Our LST radiator outputs are certified to EN 442 standards, ensuring performance and quality.