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In the building services sector, manufacturers’ technical literature exists to give a fair and honest appraisal of a solution against a set of standards relevant to the particular project a consultant is working on. Literature also serves to give additional usability, installation and operational information as well as the essential performance data.


I cannot ever see the commercial benefit in misleading a consultant through the inclusion of spurious claims or inaccurate data in technical literature.  Remember, this is a relatively small and connected industry where disappointment, doubt and mistrust spread quickly and float around even longer.


To be a responsible manufacturer, we have to take all measures and every conceivable safeguard to ensure that consultants can trust what we include in our literature. At Jaga this means that we always quote outputs against the relevant standard and at the specific temperatures laid down by that standard, and show accurate correction factors based on the certified ‘n’ value for the particular product range.


We also always quote outputs for finished, assembled trench heating products rather than on a potentially massively misleading “per metre of finned tube” which we know has caused problems for others. Similarly to arm consultants with truly workable figures, for our cooling products, we also always quote cooling outputs as total cooling and sensible cooling at a defined relative humidity level.


 Similarly, and again in the area of trench heating and also for our other dynamic solutions such as fan convectors and ventilation fans, we are completely honest about the noise levels and provide comprehensive sound data which has resulted from testing across various frequency bands. And we also always provide the free air flow and the effect of the grille design on the output.


We are in the business of partnering with consultants not just on a single project but over the long term and having honest and clear data in our literature is just one aspect of the total service approach that we believe sets Jaga apart.

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