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Jaga works with architects in over 60 different countries, which is why here at Jaga UK, we always take a keen interest in how our solutions are being used elsewhere.


Trench heating is a popular solution for modern, sustainable buildings, so we thought it would be interesting to share how the extended Jaga family has been implementing these products outside of the UK.



Building: Platinum Tower, Beirut, Lebanon (see above)

Installing trench heating solutions at the tallest building in Lebanon’s capital city is quite a project to boast about for the Jaga team. The residential apartments rise high above one of the city’s most affluent areas, so having perfectly regulated temperatures is important in portraying a sense of luxury.


To counter draughts entering through its large sliding doors in its lobby, the Mini Canal was used to create a wall of heat and ensure the occupants are comfortably warm. Because the heat emitter can be hidden under stylish metal or wooden grilles, it was perfectly suited to the building’s contemporary interior décor. 


For the architects of luxury buildings, nothing should compromise the aesthetic appeal. When it comes to marrying style with exceptional heating performance, they found the perfect match.



Building: Aller Media Group, Copenhagen, Denmark (Image 1)

The magnificent Aller Media Building is prominently positioned on Copenhagen’s quayside. Surrounded by water on both sides, this modern, maritime-themed office complex resembles a great ship docked in the Danish capital’s harbour. Again, its glass façades offered up some challenges, but the most prominent issue was the need for its heating solution to accommodate the curvature of the building.


Here, the Jaga team provided custom Mini Canal trench heaters built within curved trenches that ran parallel with the buildings perimeter. When installing trench heaters, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The products are flexible enough to be tailored to challenging applications, just as they were for the Aller Media Group building.



Building: ThyssenKrupp HQ, Essen, Germany (Image 2)

A spectacular complex in Essen, Germany, the ThyssenKrupp HQ’s main building – for all its architectural prowess – is a textbook example of the most challenging interior spaces to heat.


It’s ‘Quartier’ building features a grand ‘shell-core’ design. The outer shell of the building is where its various office spaces are located, which leaves a huge open atrium in its centre. Couple this with its almost exclusively glass façade and it could potentially have been highly inefficient to heat.


Fortunately, its architects worked with a heavy focus on sustainability. They had Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heaters installed throughout the complex, which are ideal for combating heat loss through glass facades. Because the Mini Canal features low-mass, low water content technology, it helps to heat the atrium effectively and sustainably.



Building: Zlota 44, Warsaw, Poland (Image 3)

Towering 192m above Warsaw is the E.U.’s tallest residential tower – the Zlota 44 building. The main challenge here was accommodating the building’s unique curved shape.


The Mini Canal was used across multiple stories and floating floors. To accommodate the curved shape trenches needed to be installed with specially fitted, mitred corners, which the Jaga team were able to produce upon consultation. The flexibility of the trench heaters, which when combined with their subtlety and ultra-responsive performance, makes them the perfect choice for contemporary applications such as Zlota 44.



We’re proud that our products have been used in such a spectacular array of international projects. If you would like to see some of our UK projects we’ve installed trench heating in please click here, or you can contact us for more information.



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