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Trench Heaters in Large Spaces


When choosing a climate control system for smaller spaces such as individual offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and shops, you are accommodating the needs of a manageable number of people.


But what about in large spaces where foot traffic is at its highest? A shopping centre, a university, a museum or gallery, or a hotel or office lobby – the problem with expansive atriums is unique. How do you create a comfortable environment that is sympathetic to the demands that heating these large spaces place on energy consumption?


For those looking for fast-responding, low mass solutions, trench heating ticks all the boxes.


Out of Sight Solutions

Even before specifiers establish the ideal solution in terms of performance, they must consider how it looks. Design engineers are under pressure from architects to ensure the solution chosen coordinates with their own aesthetic concept.


The lobby of an office complex is typically the busiest part of the building, with hundreds of people passing through it over the course of the day. For the architect, it’s the welcome mat to the building. It sets the tone for what people feel about its aesthetic presentation.


For them, the best visual solution is not to see radiators at all. That’s when trench heating becomes the best choice, hidden away in the floor and not intruding on peoples’ line of sight, with the exception of a stylish grille that can be finished to suit the interior décor.   


Unique Performance Demands

But it’s not just aesthetics that make trench heating the ideal fit. Their performance offsets the unique heating demands in these applications.  


Hot air rises and cold air falls. It’s a simple enough theory to grasp, but neglect it and you will have a lot of disgruntled occupants. A powerful, fast-responding trench heating system is best equipped to combat the unique physics of air distribution in these spaces, meeting thermal loads efficiently to provide consistent levels of comfort.


Of course the demands on energy consumption are equally unique. Lobbies and atria are often in constant use, which when combined with their size, means that energy is at its costliest here. The stratification that occurs in these spaces – the differing temperature layers that occur from the rise of hot air – can be the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today.


At Jaga, our trench heaters have been designed to constantly warm and circulate cold air from outside in order to achieve temperature equalisation and ensure that the building’s  heating is not over-delivering to compensate for the rising heat – saving energy and expenses while providing perfect temperatures all year round.


Ensuring Happy Masses

In winter, a lobby is where people rush to escape the chill; in summer it’s a cooling relief from the sweltering heat outside. Atria can be the most challenging spaces to heat and ventilate, but get it right and you can provide a welcoming space that keeps everyone happy.


To help specifiers and contractors design and install the best system, we at Jaga always try to be involved as early in the process as possible. That way our experienced technical design consultants can assess the heating and ventilation challenges and find the best all-round solution.


It’s an area where we boast vast experience. From the listed Flaxman Gallery at University College London, to the Art & Design Academy at Liverpool John Moores University, to Birmingham Town Hall’s state-of-the-art concert venue – challenging spaces, constant occupation, but effectively and efficiently heated.


Heating Birmingham Town Hall & John Moore's University

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