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Jaga works with architects in over 60 different countries, which is why here at Jaga UK, we always take a keen interest in how our solutions are being used elsewhere.   Trench heating is a popular solution for modern, sustainable buildings, so we thought it would be interesting to share how the extended Jaga family has been implementing these products outside of the UK.     *Building: *Platinum Tower, Beirut, Lebanon (see above) *Challenges: *Installing trench heating[sitetree_link id=177] solutions at the tallest building in Lebanon’s capital city is quite a project to boast about for the Jaga team. The residential apartments rise high above one of the city’s most affluent areas, so having perfectly regulated...  Read More

Trench Heaters in Large Spaces   When choosing a climate control system for smaller spaces such as individual offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and shops, you are accommodating the needs of a manageable number of people.   But what about in large spaces where foot traffic is at its highest? A shopping centre, a university, a museum or gallery, or a hotel or office lobby – the problem with expansive atriums is unique. How do you create a comfortable environment that is sympathetic to the demands that heating these large spaces place on energy consumption?   For those looking for fast-responding, low mass solutions, trench heating[sitetree_link id=44] ticks all the boxes.   *Out of Sight...  Read More

One question we often get asked here in the technical department is can trench heating[sitetree_link id=44] and underfloor heating work together in the same room? Well, the answer is yes but you need to consider a few things.   - Will the units be running off the same circuit? - What is the purpose of the trench heater?  i.e. will the trench be there to simply ‘top up’ any heating shortfall or take care of any down draught from glazed facades for example? - How will you control the two to stop them “fighting” against one another?   Underfloor heating (UFH) usually operates in the region of 40 degrees flow so if you...  Read More

*Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the gates, lovely warm people* When constructing any new building, the best-practice for heating it tends to be decided in the design process. However, when a structure has been in place for hundreds of years such as churches, standard heating systems and procedures have to be reconsidered. *Challenges* In particular, churches present unique heating and ventilating challenges: how can you provide comfortable temperatures to a congregation while conserving the historic aesthetics and building materials that make them a staple of Britain’s architectural heritage? Throw environmental factors and ever-rising heating costs into the mix and the mind starts to boggle.   While modern churches are often designed to double...  Read More

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