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  The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, France, from November 30th to December 11th, 2015. Here, governments from more than 190 nations will gather to discuss a possible new, legally binding agreement on climate change – and it is an event that everyone involved in the buildings services industry should be keeping a close eye on.   The significance of this occasion should not be overlooked, and whatever the outcome, architects, contractors and all building services businesses must continue to promote energy conscious living on a grand scale: in how buildings generate and use energy, and what products they use to distribute it.   It is encouraging to see...  Read More

  Reducing the volume of CO² emitted from our buildings is essential for us to become more environmentally conscious. Doing so requires us to embrace alternative sources of energy.   There are viable alternatives to our over-reliance on coal, gas and oil. Like these traditional means of powering life, it’s the planet itself that provides them. The only difference is that the consequences of their use are considerably less damaging to the atmosphere.   Now is the time to utilise the potential. Rather than continuing to burn fossil fuels, we should be concentrating our efforts on the alternatives:   *FIRE: solar power *Sunlight is the most powerful energy source that we can utilise. Solar technology is still...  Read More

  The Earth is running out of time and in turn, so are we. It is the underlying issue that impacts the future of the human race. Without a healthy planet, there is no platform to allow us to thrive – after all, there is no planet B.   It’s an obvious sentiment, but one that has failed to resonate on a mass scale so far. I say ‘so far’ optimistically, as I genuinely believe we will eventually steer ourselves off the road to catastrophe.   Doing so requires us to proactively change how we live our lives. We should be guided by the basic values of life, rather than legal and...  Read More

  The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) is, in theory at least, the most influential forum for implementing international environmental legislation. Legislation to protect the planet from our over-indulgence in its resources, and to reverse the atmospheric damage caused by the resulting emissions.   It’s long been understood that these emissions – of which CO2; has been the primary culprit throughout the 21st Century – are the primary cause of global warming.   We’ve previously discussed[sitetree_link id=489] the potential we have as an international community to make significant steps forward in environmental policy, but the UNCCC summits themselves have born mixed results so far.   The reluctance of major developing economies to commit to considerable reductions...  Read More

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