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  In any dwelling where vulnerable people reside, it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a safe living environment as part of their overall Duty of Care. Now, the increasingly pressing issue of fuel poverty should fall under that umbrella too.   In the context of social housing, the considerations for councils and social landlords are more complex than you might initially think. How they heat these premises is just one example of something that can make a genuine difference to their residents – should the attention it deserves be applied correctly.   It begs the question, why aren’t more councils prioritising the installation of heating systems into their social housing that are...  Read More

For any M&E contractor, helping both the customer and their own business get the best return on investment is a key consideration. However it’s not as simple as just swapping out a rusty old heating system for an efficient new solution. Energy efficiency helps customers cut costs in the long-term, but for the contractors themselves, that doesn’t necessarily translate to any savings.     There are a number of things that contractors should consider.   *Easy Installation* Time is money for a busy contractor. Finding products that are fast and easy to install is a win-win situation for both contractor and end user. Fewer hours spent installing, fewer subcontractors on the job. The end...  Read More

For any manufacturer, new development is a hugely important element of their business. It cannot stand still and allow its products and services to become outdated – correct? Of course, but when safety and sustainability are at the core of a manufacturer’s values, it can never just be an act of self-preservation.   Making strides in product development should look deeper, and benefit customers for reasons that matter to them most – this is how we like to operate at Jaga.   Our aim is to provide innovative products and an all-encompassing service that tackles genuine functional, social and environmental challenges a customer will face both today and in the future.   We are delighted...  Read More

Identifying radiators for retirement and assisted living properties can be a bit of a challenge. While obviously the system needs to provide effective heat, there are also the distinctive needs of the occupants that specifiers must consider early on.  The heating system needs to be easy to use, must look the part and most importantly, it must not pose a risk to the residents.   *Safety First!* Those who occupy sheltered housing are mostly – if not always – of an elderly age, and while some may not admit it, this means they can be more vulnerable to injuring themselves. This includes the possibility of burning themselves on the hot surface of a...  Read More

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