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When considering how to heat a nursery or any area used by children there are five things that must be considered when selecting suitable radiators.   Read More

Public buildings are incredibly diverse and have different uses. For contractors specifying heating solutions and deciding on products and systems, a ‘one product fits all’ approach isn’t possible. Read More

The demand for new schools and additional classrooms continues to grow as pupil numbers rocket. For those involved with the building of these establishments there is a Duty of Care to protect both children and staff, on top of the normal considerations when developing a new school building or extension. There are various safety considerations to be aware of in these environments, a primary one is how the building will be heated. Read More

There are many illnesses and physical ailments that must be accounted for in the design and operation of care homes. Some are relatively straight-forward to accommodate; others are somewhat more difficult.   Approximately 80% of care home residents live with some form of dementia and it is perhaps the most unpredictable disorder that must be considered by care home operators. The safety standards of a care premises can be influenced by various dementia symptoms: confusion, memory loss, disorientation or limited coordination – each might affect care home residents to varying degrees.    But whilst there is no one-size-fits-all practice of care, any risk to dementia patients in their living environments must be rectified to...  Read More

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