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  The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) is, in theory at least, the most influential forum for implementing international environmental legislation. Legislation to protect the planet from our over-indulgence in its resources, and to reverse the atmospheric damage caused by the resulting emissions.   It’s long been understood that these emissions – of which CO2; has been the primary culprit throughout the 21st Century – are the primary cause of global warming.   We’ve previously discussed[sitetree_link id=489] the potential we have as an international community to make significant steps forward in environmental policy, but the UNCCC summits themselves have born mixed results so far.   The reluctance of major developing economies to commit to considerable reductions...  Read More

For anyone who has completed an education course or been a mature student, it is hard for us grown adults – let alone schoolchildren - to concentrate in stuffy, humid environments. So when teachers are constantly battling with the sometimes short attention spans of their students anyway, lack of ventilation and poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is another problem that they really don’t need. Studies have proven that a build-up of CO2 can result in poor concentration, lethargy, headaches, nausea, and has a significantly detrimental effect on attentiveness too. This means that the need for good IAQ is particularly crucial in order to keep students performing to the best of...  Read More

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