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  In April 2016, the collaborative use of BIM Level 2 in all government procured buildings will become mandatory, with all asset information relating to a project becoming electronically shareable in a common environment.   Since the government revealed this as part of its BIM Strategy in 2011, many businesses within the construction sector have been scrambling to optimise their BIM capabilities. It is an issue that impacts businesses throughout the entire construction supply chain, from architects to contractors to product manufacturers.   However, as we stand here now, there is a risk that many companies will be left behind. From the latest surveys carried out by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), it is the...  Read More

In a previous blog from The Valve, we discussed the argument of whether Building Information Modelling (BIM) restricts architects’ creative opportunities – we believe the opposite is true.    For architects, embracing BIM will open unexplored design opportunities. How this aesthetic design path will evolve will become clearer with time. One thing we do know is that using BIM early in the planning process will undoubtedly lead to greater efficiency in the building construction and operation. This helps companies save on long-term costs and open doors to future revenue opportunities.   In the Government Construction Strategy 2011, the target was for savings of 15% to 20% on construction budgets by the end of this...  Read More

The more Building Information Modelling (BIM)[sitetree_link id=413] influences the construction industry, the more debates will start to rage.   Most are embracing its positive impact on productivity, but for some there remains a lingering doubt: does BIM restrict architects’ creative opportunities?   Whether through social media or online and print publications, there are architects voicing their scepticism, and on the face of it you may empathise with their concern.   No architect aspires to be predictable in their designs – architectural innovation is constantly pushing boundaries, and nobody wants to see our buildings fit to a standard type. New innovations in building design are a source of satisfaction for all: from architects, contractors and engineers, right...  Read More

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a topic and technology increasingly at the forefront of modern construction methodology. In this short video blog Phil Marris discusses the positive impact that BIM has for building products manufacturers.   .    Read More

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