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For any M&E contractor, helping both the customer and their own business get the best return on investment is a key consideration. However it’s not as simple as just swapping out a rusty old heating system for an efficient new solution. Energy efficiency helps customers cut costs in the long-term, but for the contractors themselves, that doesn’t necessarily translate to any savings.  


There are a number of things that contractors should consider.


Easy Installation

Time is money for a busy contractor. Finding products that are fast and easy to install is a win-win situation for both contractor and end user. Fewer hours spent installing, fewer subcontractors on the job. The end user’s costs are reduced, and the contractor can get more done in a day, expanding its business opportunities for even greater profits.


Achieving this means finding a manufacturer that designs time-saving features. Wall brackets should take moments to mount; key components such as the TRV, lockshield and air vent should be pre-assembled and required minimal setup; and ideally a one-piece casing should attach and detach with ease.


Increased effort at the factory means less on site – everyone is happy.


Services & Maintenance

Intelligent products are the intelligent choice. As well as greater control for the end user, smart products that guide the contractor in troubleshooting potential problems make for an efficient use of everyone’s time. If the heating or ventilation system can track the performance of key components, both end users and maintenance workers know how to resolve any issues quickly.


Of course, choosing products that don’t tend to fail is the best pre-emptive measure, but choosing ones with a logical and convenient troubleshooting process provides peace of mind to contractors and end users.


It’s not just the products themselves either. Manufacturers know their products better than anyone, and should collaborate with contractors for better cost efficiency. Site surveys for flawless installation; flexible logistical support; commissioning advice for a smooth handover; considered product recommendations – being in it together brings better ROI for all involved.


The Reliable Manufacturer

For manufacturers to succeed, a ‘take the money and run’ approach is bad business practice. By helping contractors gain better ROI, it solidifies that commitment to being in it together, and enhances our reputation as a customer-first company.


A manufacturer that provides products and services with the installer in mind. That’s the key. Products like our Guardian LST – the fastest to install LST radiator in the UK – and smart technologies such as Oxygen ventilation and IAQ control, and Dynamic Boost Effect help customers keep tabs on optimal performance.


At Jaga, we want all industry stakeholders to flourish. That’s how we strive run our business, and that’s why our contracting customers keep coming back.



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