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The Earth is running out of time and in turn, so are we. It is the underlying issue that impacts the future of the human race. Without a healthy planet, there is no platform to allow us to thrive – after all, there is no planet B.


It’s an obvious sentiment, but one that has failed to resonate on a mass scale so far. I say ‘so far’ optimistically, as I genuinely believe we will eventually steer ourselves off the road to catastrophe.


Doing so requires us to proactively change how we live our lives. We should be guided by the basic values of life, rather than legal and economic compulsions. What’s more, we should put these values into practice. More empathy, less inertia.


People seem to be waiting for the ‘system’ to instigate change, but the system is directly influenced by us – us as consumers, us as businesses and industries. In accomplishing environmental change, the power truly is with the people.   


If we are environmentally sympathetic in how we use the planet’s resources, it removes obstacles that block top-tier decision makers’ path towards legally legitimising genuine sustainability.


We cannot blame the early industrialists for their indulgence in burning the planet’s coal, gas and oil reserves: they did not know any better. It is impossible to deny that the industrial revolution has enriched our lives, and it’s these early developments that drove the technological wonders that we have at our disposal today.


Therein lies the point: we have sustainable technologies available to us right now. We simply choose not to use them as much as we should.


To influence a collective move towards renewable energy sources, industries can be a driving force. One of the most significant contributors to the excessive CO2; emissions that currently plague the planet is the property sector. In Europe alone, 36% of CO2; emissions are from its buildings*. That, quite simply, is too much, but it’s an area we can act upon by implementing renewable heating and ventilation technologies into modern buildings.


Fortunately, there are industry forums that allow us the opportunity to discuss how we can reduce this sky-high figure. As a manufacturer, a major part of our company ethos is to influence the whole industry in becoming more environmentally conscious.


Get in touch with us to discuss how together, we can influence a more sustainable future through our buildings.








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