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It’s high time for innovation. Innovation to prevent the end of our planet as we know it. Our thirst for fossil fuels is becoming difficult for the Earth to sustain, so we need to become greener in our energy consumption.


Jaga-CO2-TemperaturesWhere there is scope for change, it has to happen. Inefficient design and heating of our buildings is contributing significantly to the CO2; emissions that result in global warming. Global warming, as a term, has been used so heavily without significant action that its resonance has dwindled. We need to reinforce its significance in a sector that has the potential to make a difference.


A warmer world might seem like paradise: a Caribbean climate in Canada or an Indian summer in Siberia? Everybody wins, right?


You might think one or two degrees would be harmless, but compare the planet to the human body and we can start to gauge the severity of the situation.   


Scientists predict that at our current rate, greenhouse gases will double in the next fifty years and result in a temperature rise of 3°C. Such a change in body temperature would send the healthiest human into a critical condition. Quite simply, the body would cease to function.


Our planet is more robust – it’s estimated that a 6°C increase is the cut off for plausible human existence. But that’s nothing to get complacent about. If the 3°C increase is accurate, whole ecosystems will be die out, sea levels will rise dramatically and the first climate refugees will be forced to migrate elsewhere. It is unfeasible to assume we could successfully adapt.  


Without wishing to exaggerate premonitions of our impending doom, global warming is serious and very real. But there is time to implement changes that make better, more sustainable use of our natural resources.


Significantly reducing CO2; emissions from buildings is something that be controlled through the specification of renewable energy sources and products that are technologically compatible. The Jaga heating, cooling and ventilation solutions are an ideal way to reduce CO2 emissions from residential and commercial buildings.



It’s for the benefit of our planet. After all, there is no planet B – now is the time to take action. To find out how we can implement more sustainable solutions, get in touch with us here.


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