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No matter the industry, logistics is a vital element of any manufacturer’s business. Originating in the 19th century when it referred to the supplying of arms and rations to the military, logistics now refers to the efficient flow and storage of goods from point of origin to the point of consumption. The supply chain is a vital part of this process, including transportation, shipping, receiving, storage and effective management of all these areas – basically, getting goods from A to B without issue.

The best way to approach logistics is to understand the goal. You want to get the fastest, cheapest and safest delivery of goods with the least headache and opportunity for things to go wrong.

But is it that basic? Well, not quite. Customer expectations are forever evolving and putting new pressures on us in the distributing industry. One challenge facing an HVAC distributor is the fact that today’s customers don’t want to have to hold on to stock that is not needed or in use - inevitably cluttering construction sites. This is one of the most important factors of logistics. Distributors need to have the space to offer added-value storage, and have it stored away effectively so prompt delivery, when required, is achievable.

Secondly, HVAC customer expectations have now evolved into, what I like to call, the “Amazon Era.” If you ordered a television, or the like, through Amazon, would you expect to put it together and essentially build a TV when it arrived on your doorstep? Today, a manufacturer is more likely to be chosen over another, if it can provide pre-assembled heating and ventilating equipment, ready for installation.

Nowadays, logistical planning is entirely an important part of business – how quickly and reliably goods are delivered to customers can mean the difference between retaining your customers and losing them. However it is not only the speed of delivery that matters, but also the product quality and customer service.

Each year, Jaga produces more than 500,000 metres of wall-mounted and trench heating products, which is then transported and delivered to project developments all over the nation. To say we understand the in’s and out’s of logistics is an understatement. By working closely with our customers, our in-depth knowledge of their requirements means our supply chain is co-ordinated, efficient and effectively managed.

However, as well as offering storage room off-site, 5-7 working day deliveries on selected items, and factory-assembled, pressure tested trench units, our services are above and beyond logistical benefits.  At every stage in the design and development, we aim to go above and beyond what you might typically expect from a heating solutions company.  We aim to make our customers feel supremely confident that the solution is going to perform exactly as planned and that everything is completely on track. Then, once the solution is in place, we provide full on-site commissioning support for our dynamic products plus on-going, dedicated UK-based after sales support.


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