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Recently, Professor Chris Goodier from Loughborough University’s Department of Civil and Building Engineering, went public voicing his concerns surrounding the Green Deal and its potential for the over-heating of homes.

The idea behind the Green Deal is simple; our government has made commitments to cutting CO2 emissions by 34 per cent of 1990 levels by 2020, and one of the ways to do this is to get more properties properly insulated as they, in turn, will not require as much energy to heat. 

However, Professor Goodier has gained widespread attention for his very valid points on the potential for over-heating in homes insulated under this scheme.

With the recent ‘heat wave’ hitting the country, this threat is not hard to believe, and I applaud Professor Goodier’s initiative. Here at Jaga, we have been addressing this same exact topic with our customers and installer partners for some time now. 

As the Professor said, in many well-insulated - let alone the extremely well-insulated Green Deal standard homes - during the summer, heat builds up during the day and has nowhere to go at night. Not to mention during winter when homeowners, myself included, have their heating systems cranking and can heat their homes far too excessively!

The uncomfortable heat build-up and energy waste through over-heating during the colder seasons, is likely to be even worse if a heating system - such as under-floor heating - is installed as, with its high mass, it cannot react to the sudden changes in room temperature caused by the sun coming out and streaming in through windows for example.

I truly believe the ideal solution to Professor Goodier’s concerns is low mass, energy efficient heating combined with demand controlled ventilation (DCV). The low mass heating gives precise temperature control at the desired room temperature, then simultaneously, the DCV system monitors the indoor air quality (IAQ) and introduces the right amount of cool, or pre-warmed, fresh air when required.

After dark during the summer, most sensible people don’t want to risk home security through keeping windows open – not to mention the intrusive road noise. This system also provides night-time cooling, all without the use of refrigerants or air conditioning too!

In this way, you can heat and ventilate your home when you need to, to the extent that you need to, and you don’t have to waste money and energy over-heating or over-ventilating.

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