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Identifying radiators for retirement and assisted living properties can be a bit of a challenge. While obviously the system needs to provide effective heat, there are also the distinctive needs of the occupants that specifiers must consider early on. 

The heating system needs to be easy to use, must look the part and most importantly, it must not pose a risk to the residents.


Safety First!

Those who occupy sheltered housing are mostly – if not always – of an elderly age, and while some may not admit it, this means they can be more vulnerable to injuring themselves. This includes the possibility of burning themselves on the hot surface of a radiator or its accompanying pipework. This is why the most logical solution is to install radiators that eliminate any chances of this happening.   

As the Building Regulations Approved Document M, and to the NHS Estates Health Guidance Note, state:


“The surface temperature of space heating devices such as storage heaters and radiators should be controlled to prevent patients being burned. This guidance recommends that surface temperatures should not exceed 43ºC.”


What kind of radiator can provide efficient heat output without technically heating up itself? Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators. With the cool-to-touch outer casing, LST units are effective in preventing accidental burns in safety sensitive environments, where vulnerable occupants are present. Additionally, as LSTs are built for the purpose of safe heating, their design should include softly profiled corners, which reduce the chance of injury should one of the residents fall onto one of the units.


Home Away From Home

Retirement care home providers have evolved with a focus now on enabling older adults to live comfortably and independently in their own homes. While continuing to provide support whenever the residents need it, the strategy is to provide the ‘home away from home’ feeling in all aspects of the property’s design.

This includes considering the aesthetics of a heating system. Due to radiators being such a highly visible feature of any room, it is important to choose a unit that is unobtrusive, slim-line and blends with other decorative features within the interior.


Simple Comfort

As the purpose of the today’s retirement villages is to promote individual and comfortable living, it is crucial heating systems can to be easily controlled by residents.

Controllability is about response and accuracy.  TRVs can be fitted in a range of different configurations on the radiator casings, enabling ease of use for the residents. Also, Jaga’s low mass, low water content (Low-H2O) technology offers rapid yet regulated heating at a reaction time that is three times faster than the performance of an Conventional steel panel radiator. This means the residents who might feel fluctuations in temperature, can return comfort to their homes quickly.


We offer a wide range of safe, cool-touch LST radiators, designed to minimise risk and comply with regulations without compromising on performance or style. Click here to a look at our entire range of LST radiators. 


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