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The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) is, in theory at least, the most influential forum for implementing international environmental legislation. Legislation to protect the planet from our over-indulgence in its resources, and to reverse the atmospheric damage caused by the resulting emissions.


It’s long been understood that these emissions – of which CO2; has been the primary culprit throughout the 21st Century – are the primary cause of global warming.


We’ve previously discussed the potential we have as an international community to make significant steps forward in environmental policy, but the UNCCC summits themselves have born mixed results so far.


The reluctance of major developing economies to commit to considerable reductions in emissions – as well as, rather unhelpfully, the most developed economy in the world – have long been stumbling blocks. Kyoto, Copenhagen, Durban and Doha – each summit has produced results to a point, but we are yet to see a sufficient, legally binding international commitment to reaching adequate levels of sustainability.


When the next UNCCC summit is held in Paris in November and December 2015 – as well as summits in the forthcoming years – we need industries to step up and influence politicians to enforce more legitimate change. A universal agreement on climate change from all the nations of the world, which limits the global temperature increase to 2°C.


Highlighting the importance of such an agreement should appeal to every business.


At Jaga, we don’t just contribute to environmental conservation through our products, but by listening to the experiences of those affected by global warming and creating awareness across a wide scale.


We attended the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 with our Uchronia Community Sailing Ship. Here representatives from organisations that had witnessed climate change with their own eyes were welcomed to come and tell us about their experiences.


The success of this endeavour is something we have continued, and is in an initiative we now undertake at events more specifically related to our industry – events where we can speak to key stakeholders who can make decisions that contribute to environmental security. By attending the world’s leading events for the property industry, it means we can listen, learn, and share our experiences and expertise with those who can genuinely help reduce one of the biggest contributors to global warming: CO2; emissions from buildings.


If as an industry we can unite in cutting our CO2; output, we can make a genuine impact in convincing the political decision makers to commit to stronger action. Get in touch and let's discuss how together, we can influence a more sustainable future through our buildings.




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