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Working in the Jaga technical department, I am often asked “can radiators that have been designed to be used with heat pumps, also work efficiently with conventional heating systems like boilers?” The short answer is yes - but as with most short answers, that’s not quite the full story. It may be promising to hear, as this showcases the significant uptake in the use of greener technologies but, for your average homeowner however, completely upgrading a heating system – including the heat generation and the choice of heat emitters – to a cleaner, greener, cheaper to run system, can be expensive. My advice? Phase the refurbishment, with the first logical step being...  Read More

This July saw the Government’s unveiling of the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations bringing mixed reactions across the industry. While we were all relieved to finally have some clarity on Part L, that clarity was tainted with some confusion and disappointment. Under the latest revisions, new build domestic homes will have to be 6% more efficient than under current regulations. This falls short of the Government’s original proposal to reduce carbon emission standards by 8%. The changes also saw efficiency standards for non-domestic buildings improve by 9% - a significant compromise on the originally proposed 20% increase. This really does seem like a small step towards hitting the carbon...  Read More

Recently, Professor Chris Goodier from Loughborough University’s Department of Civil and Building Engineering, went public voicing his concerns surrounding the Green Deal and its potential for the over-heating of homes. The idea behind the Green Deal is simple; our government has made commitments to cutting CO2 emissions by 34 per cent of 1990 levels by 2020, and one of the ways to do this is to get more properties properly insulated as they, in turn, will not require as much energy to heat.  However, Professor Goodier has gained widespread attention for his very valid points on the potential for over-heating in homes insulated under this scheme. With the recent ‘heat wave’...  Read More

The Valve is dedicated to providing quality, professional insight into all that affects the heating, ventilation and cooling sector – including industry news, tips, tricks of the trade and opinion pieces. You know as well as us that the heating and ventilation market is a complex and ever-changing industry. That’s why The Valve aims to provide you with the information you need to remain well informed and ahead of the game. The heating and ventilation industry experience of our team of contributors spans across all areas of the industry – from technical ‘know-how’ to aesthetical ‘can-do’. To find out more about our team of authors, click here To stimulate discussion, readers...  Read More

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