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  The Earth is running out of time and in turn, so are we. It is the underlying issue that impacts the future of the human race. Without a healthy planet, there is no platform to allow us to thrive – after all, there is no planet B.   It’s an obvious sentiment, but one that has failed to resonate on a mass scale so far. I say ‘so far’ optimistically, as I genuinely believe we will eventually steer ourselves off the road to catastrophe.   Doing so requires us to proactively change how we live our lives. We should be guided by the basic values of life, rather than legal and...  Read More

  The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) is, in theory at least, the most influential forum for implementing international environmental legislation. Legislation to protect the planet from our over-indulgence in its resources, and to reverse the atmospheric damage caused by the resulting emissions.   It’s long been understood that these emissions – of which CO2; has been the primary culprit throughout the 21st Century – are the primary cause of global warming.   We’ve previously discussed[sitetree_link id=489] the potential we have as an international community to make significant steps forward in environmental policy, but the UNCCC summits themselves have born mixed results so far.   The reluctance of major developing economies to commit to considerable reductions...  Read More

  It has been three decades since scientists discovered just how much punishment the Earth’s atmosphere had taken. We had previously been oblivious to the fragility of the ozone layer, until a hole the size of the continental United States was identified above Antarctica in 1985.   Our innovation of incredible technologies to enhance our lives has come at a price. Progression at the planet’s expense.   Identification of the problem was one thing; implementing change has been harder to execute. You see, when billions of people become reliant on a certain way of life, reversing unhealthy habits – in a planetary sense – becomes a colossal endeavour.     But for all the naysayers of...  Read More

  It’s high time for innovation. Innovation to prevent the end of our planet as we know it. Our thirst for fossil fuels is becoming difficult for the Earth to sustain, so we need to become greener in our energy consumption.   Jaga-CO2-Temperatures Where there is scope for change, it has to happen. Inefficient design and heating of our buildings is contributing significantly to the CO2; emissions that result in global warming. Global warming, as a term, has been used so heavily without significant action that its resonance has dwindled. We need to reinforce its significance in a sector that has the potential to make a difference.   A warmer world might seem like...  Read More

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