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It has taken some time for the UK’s legislative powers to digest the EU Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012, but in September 2014 we finally saw some movement. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was introduced, requiring large companies in the UK to undertake comprehensive assessments of energy use and energy opportunities at least once every four years.   What ensues will certainly be of interest in 2015, as businesses begin to mobilise in advance of the first compliance deadline on December 5th.   In achieving energy targets – the UK is legally committed to achieving 15% of energy demand from renewable sources by 2020 – it presents opportunities for energy-efficiency orientated companies in...  Read More

It’s a race against time for Local Authorities to claim their share of a £25 million Central Heating Fund announced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) this March. Applications are being accepted until June 5th 2015, so time really is of the essence.   Why the emphasis on urgency? Because the benefits of acting will legitimately help those most under threat from fuel poverty – an issue we cannot allow to continue in our modern society.   The DECC estimate that the programme will help to fund the installation of complete, energy-efficient central heating systems in 8,000 fuel poor homes. The scheme is targeted at homes in England that are...  Read More

For any M&E contractor, helping both the customer and their own business get the best return on investment is a key consideration. However it’s not as simple as just swapping out a rusty old heating system for an efficient new solution. Energy efficiency helps customers cut costs in the long-term, but for the contractors themselves, that doesn’t necessarily translate to any savings.     There are a number of things that contractors should consider.   *Easy Installation* Time is money for a busy contractor. Finding products that are fast and easy to install is a win-win situation for both contractor and end user. Fewer hours spent installing, fewer subcontractors on the job. The end...  Read More

  Reducing the volume of CO² emitted from our buildings is essential for us to become more environmentally conscious. Doing so requires us to embrace alternative sources of energy.   There are viable alternatives to our over-reliance on coal, gas and oil. Like these traditional means of powering life, it’s the planet itself that provides them. The only difference is that the consequences of their use are considerably less damaging to the atmosphere.   Now is the time to utilise the potential. Rather than continuing to burn fossil fuels, we should be concentrating our efforts on the alternatives:   *FIRE: solar power *Sunlight is the most powerful energy source that we can utilise. Solar technology is still...  Read More

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