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    Operators of care homes and retirement village developers face a constant struggle. They are forced to juggle the health, safety and well-being of their occupants as well as considering the aesthetics against increasing financial pressure. If opportunities arise to improve health and the standard of living whilst also saving money, should they be ignored. One of the most prominent – and unpredictable issues – is heating.   *Energy usage* Because care homes are effectively 24/7 operations, energy usage is one of their greatest expenditures. Equally, with care homes and retirement living, occupants are likely to stay at home more and therefore have the heating on for longer as well as the communal spaces which...  Read More

Heating costs make up the largest part of UK households energy usage. What technologies should housebuilders be incorporating and how would this impact homeowners as well as serious issues such as fuel poverty. The supply of homes has long been a contentious issue for UK buyers, as the struggle to get on the housing ladder becomes more troublesome. Whilst demand has been increasing at an exponential rate and until now housebuilders have been struggling to keep up.     However, this imbalance could be about to change. According to recent research, the number of new homes being built in the UK is at a seven-year high. Construction on approximately 37,080 new homes occurred...  Read More

The recent developments on the RE:FIT scheme are an excellent indication that plans to reduce carbon emissions from the UK’s built environment are accelerating. The programme was initially London specific, whereby the Mayor of London and European Union European Regional Development Fund helped the likes of NHS bodies, central government agencies, schools and universities, borough councils and heritage organisations to guarantee cost savings in the development and delivery of more energy efficient measures in their buildings.   Now, 16 energy service companies have been selected to work in conjunction with the HM treasury and the Local Government Association to provide the same support and guarantees to public sector clients outside of London. It...  Read More

Across the UK, some of our oldest and most prestigious buildings lie on the campuses of our universities. Our rich heritage of university education dates back centuries and in many cases, the original buildings are still in use. Durham University, the University of Oxford, the University of Glasgow – all examples of existing universities that have buildings as old as the 19th century – or in some cases older – still being regularly used to teach the next generation of academics.   Of course over the years, there have been many retrofitting projects undertaken to ensure that they are still safe for occupants and are suitable for students to either live...  Read More

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