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  The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, France, from November 30th to December 11th, 2015. Here, governments from more than 190 nations will gather to discuss a possible new, legally binding agreement on climate change – and it is an event that everyone involved in the buildings services industry should be keeping a close eye on.   The significance of this occasion should not be overlooked, and whatever the outcome, architects, contractors and all building services businesses must continue to promote energy conscious living on a grand scale: in how buildings generate and use energy, and what products they use to distribute it.   It is encouraging to see...  Read More

Where there is carbon, there is a cost. It is a defining reason why more and more commercial building clients are keen to comply with voluntary energy standards such as BREEAM, along with the pending legal requirement to abide by legislative initiatives such as MEPS and ESOS. But businesses require guidance on the most efficient means to meet the compliance criteria.   Sustainable heating systems and products could undoubtedly benefit these end users, raising their comfort levels whilst decreasing their energy usage – and of course on a grander scale, it would ultimately be the planet that benefits most. For heating suppliers and installers, becoming experts on how to differentiate the benefits...  Read More

Jaga works with architects in over 60 different countries, which is why here at Jaga UK, we always take a keen interest in how our solutions are being used elsewhere.   Trench heating is a popular solution for modern, sustainable buildings, so we thought it would be interesting to share how the extended Jaga family has been implementing these products outside of the UK.     *Building: *Platinum Tower, Beirut, Lebanon (see above) *Challenges: *Installing trench heating[sitetree_link id=177] solutions at the tallest building in Lebanon’s capital city is quite a project to boast about for the Jaga team. The residential apartments rise high above one of the city’s most affluent areas, so having perfectly regulated...  Read More

It has taken some time for the UK’s legislative powers to digest the EU Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012, but in September 2014 we finally saw some movement. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was introduced, requiring large companies in the UK to undertake comprehensive assessments of energy use and energy opportunities at least once every four years.   What ensues will certainly be of interest in 2015, as businesses begin to mobilise in advance of the first compliance deadline on December 5th.   In achieving energy targets – the UK is legally committed to achieving 15% of energy demand from renewable sources by 2020 – it presents opportunities for energy-efficiency orientated companies in...  Read More

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