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Commercial property is at a crossroads; whilst its new build rate is low at 2%, the stock currently accounts for 10% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The only viable way to minimise these emissions and bring them in line with the UK’s commitment at the Paris Climate Summit is for a large-scale retrofit of commercial property. This is no small task, as this sector is complex in terms of its diverse building types and its involvement with a range of stakeholders. Read More

London has always been at the forefront of innovative changes in building design and city-scaping in the UK – if not the world! In keeping with the capital’s position as the centre of invention and innovation, recent legislation from the Greater London Authority (GLA) ensures that the energy sector of London is also charging ahead in terms of establishing renewable energy across the city, and in mitigating fossil fuel consumption. Read More

The demand for new schools and additional classrooms continues to grow as pupil numbers rocket. For those involved with the building of these establishments there is a Duty of Care to protect both children and staff, on top of the normal considerations when developing a new school building or extension. There are various safety considerations to be aware of in these environments, a primary one is how the building will be heated. Read More

Surface Water Source Heat Pumps (SWSHP) have a historically low profile. Builders, contractors and developers on the whole seem to know very little about them, nor the benefits that they pose for buildings. As a consequence, SWSHP’s are widely underused compared to air and ground source heat pumps, especially in the UK.     The Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) is looking to raise the profile of SWSHP’s. They have recently published their Surface Water Source Heat Pumps Code of Practice for the UK, providing those in the commercial building industry with a comprehensive guide on the renewable energy source. The document, which covers everything from the technology’s feasibility to its installation,...  Read More

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