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Walk through any modern city street these days and you are likely to see glass fronted buildings everywhere. Its pleasing appearance and ability to harness natural light to reduce electricity consumption makes glass the material of choice for contemporary architects. And with global demand for sustainable buildings set to double in 2018, it will only grow in popularity.   Read More

It takes a unique question or experience to inspire a blog, and in this case, the question came from the team at Jaga.  I was asked to discuss the core trends which are currently dominating the future of the construction industry, and whilst any blog on this topic must come with a suitable number of caveats, I have endeavoured to outline my thoughts below. Read More

As an award-winning manufacturer of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions, our products speak for themselves. But what makes us truly unique, is the philosophy and ethos that makes Jaga, Jaga. Read More

Failing to account for whole life costing can result in clients incurring additional expenditure on their projects, both at build, installation and on an ongoing basis. However, by taking additional costs including running and life cycle costs into account early on, savvy specifiers can help clients to avoid spiralling building and maintenance costs and to achieve greater efficiencies. Read More

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