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In the same way a gas boiler needs to be serviced annually, radiators should also be regularly maintained to ensure they remain in peak condition and operate efficiently. With central heating systems, air bubbles can get trapped in the system and prevent hot water from circulating effectively. This means that radiators don’t get as warm as they should and take longer to heat the property. In this instance, a traditional steel panel radiator would need to be bled to release the excess air from the system. However, maintaining one of our Low-H20 radiators is slightly different. Here’s how. Read More

The benefits of heat pumps are widely known and, as such, they are increasingly being factored into future energy efficiency plans. For maximum benefit, heat pumps must be paired with complementary products to form an efficient and cohesive system. Here’s how to make the most of the technology. Read More

Care homes in England are under significant financial pressure, with the Local Government Association (LGA) estimating that there is a social funding gap of approximately £3.56 billion. Therefore, facilities managers are faced with the arduous task of upholding standards of care whilst also trying to manage costs.      So what role does efficient heating technology play in this? Read More

The demand for co-working spaces is increasing. Across Central London alone, flexible workplace providers have taken over 21% of office space in 2017, while competition in the regional cities is intensifying. Read More

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