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Recycled Products Build Jaga’s Czech Showroom

02/10/2015 - by Jaga Admin

Wherever we are in the world, the Jaga family are always finding ways to demonstrate our Cradle to Cradle philosophy. That doesn’t just mean our products, but our buildings too.


Jaga’s new sales office in the Czech Republic is an example of just that. The showroom is located in the ‘Aviatica’ building – part of a new commercial redevelopment on the site of the legendary Czech car and aeroplane manufacturer, Walter Motors.


Alongside over 1500 Jaga radiators and trench heaters installed within the Aviatica complex itself, the Jaga showroom features an array of recycled materials and parts that have been re-used for the interior design – most notably the use of floor grilles and radiator panels on the walls, and the creation of a replica Walter NZ-60 aircraft engine built from Jaga heat exchangers.  


Whenever our products lifespan is over in its working capacity, we always seek to make use of it elsewhere.


And mainland Europe isn’t the only place where we practice what we preach. We’ll soon have news of an exciting update from Jaga UK headquarters that will only serve to cement our environmentally conscious reputation. Watch this space…


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