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Jaga goes Pro

07/03/2010 - by JagaAdmin

We have launched a new dynamic system that offers heating and cooling from the same radiator.  This will redefine how we view heating and ventilation.

Suitable for either commercial or domestic applications, DBE Pro is designed specifically for use with reverse-cycle heat pumps, allowing radiators equipped with DBE Pro to both heat and cool from one unit for the first time.

Combined with Jaga's low mass, low water content Low-H2O heat exchangers, DBE Pro radiators can cut CO2 emissions by up to a ton every year and reduce annual heating bills by as much as 15 to 25%. When connected to a heat pump, Jaga's DBE Pro radiators can be used as a passive cooling system in the warmer months, in addition to providing comfortable heating during the winter. This cooling effect lessens the need for expensive and power-hungry air conditioning units.

DBE Pro technology is available in wall-mounted and freestanding radiators as well as in trench or perimeter heating solutions.

Phil Marris, Managing Director of Jaga Heating Products says, "DBE and DBE Pro technologies represent the future of sustainable heating. DBE Pro takes full advantage of greener, low temperature systems, such as heat pumps or solar power, by introducing the ability to passively cool as well as heat."

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